Want Better Sex? Dress for the Part

For many people, one of the lures of sex is the chance to be naked with another person. But what if they could have even better sex by staying clothed? For some couples, especially those who have been together for a while, it can pay to dress up for sex – in a manner of speaking. Wearing a little outfit to bed won’t take the place of maintaining excellent penis care, but it may add a little zest and zing to that thing called lovemaking.Not role playingDeciding to dress the part for sex isn’t necessarily about role playing – although couples should definitely investigate that as an option for keeping the sexual fires stoked. Role playing involves taking on a whole new persona, pretending to be someone else, in order to add a sense of excitement, mystery or intrigue to sexual escapades.No, what is being discussed here is simply the idea of having sex while clothed – in some degree or another. It’s an experience that most people have had at some point in their lives. But often it’s something associated with days when sex was furtive for a person. Clothes remained on because a couple was making out in the backseat of the car or on the sofa in the living room, just a few steps away from where a parent or two was lightly sleeping.When people become adults, it’s something that occurs less frequently. Yes, a “quickie” in the bathroom of a bar or in the supply room at work may involve simply a loosening of the fly and a lifting of the skirt. But more often sex becomes about getting totally naked with another person. And that’s a lovely and quite enjoyable thing.A changeBut engaging in sex while clad becomes exciting when it’s something a couple hasn’t tried for a while. In some cases, it brings back those memories of the early sex days, and that adds a renewed touch of excitement. It may also allow a couple to fantasize that they are with one of their earlier lovers. (This doesn’t mean they regret sleeping with their current lover, but people may like to fantasize about a different person in their arms on occasion.)But there also can just be something arousing about being with a person who is partially clad. For example, a man who sits down at the breakfast table wearing a shirt, tie and socks, but no pants or underwear or a woman who greets her lover at the door with bare breasts is presenting a very sexual image.A little says a lotThere are any number of ways a person can present themselves in a partially clad manner. Men can simply enter a room with their fly down and their penis out. A woman may wear a blouse and thigh-high hose with no panties or skirt. Being bare but for socks, a hat or a scarf can add an extra sense of allurement to a situation.Sometimes a couple may start out in a semi-clad manner but completely doff their clothes when they get into the actual sex act. But others find that keeping some clothing on while becoming intimate heightens the experience even more. There’s no right or wrong – only what helps get the couple excited.Opting for a dress-up situation is one way to look for better sex, but a man also wants to make sure his penis is in proper shape for any kind of activity. Regularly applying a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help maintain that precious health. Ideally, the selected crème will contain both acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. The former is an amino acid which helps protect against peripheral nerve damage from rough sex (which can be fun but can cause damage). The latter is a potent antioxidant that attacks the free radicals that can lead to aging, wrinkled penis skin. Alone, these two are bang-up ingredients; together, there’s a synergistic relationship that makes them even more effective.

Adult Day Care Explained – What it Is, What to Expect & How to Pay For It

What It IsLike adult day care, adult  health care provides a safe, caring setting for adults who require supervision or care during the day. Adult health programs are designed for individuals who require a more skilled level of care. These programs offer medical services, like rehabilitation, therapy, nursing care and special nutrition. The programs are structured and designed, often through the development of a personal care plan, to cover the daily individual needs of each participant. Participants of adult  care require some health care, unlike adult day care participants.What to ExpectAdult  care is based primarily around participants’ health care needs. Most programs offer meals and some provide transportation. The activities and programming reflect the diverse needs of participants and their levels of functioning. Common activities include current events classes, arts and crafts, music, mind-stimulating games, and exercise, as appropriate to each individual.Adult  care centers provide many health and social services for a set daily fee. Many centers have sliding scales. Medicare, Medigap and Managed Care do not cover adult day health care.Read a detailed description of all types of reimbursements.MedicaidWhat It CoversMedicaid usually covers all adult day health services.Conditions and LimitationsIn some instances, Medicaid approves coverage for fewer days per week than an individual requires. If, for example, Medicaid approves only three days per week, but the individual requires five days, then the individual is financially responsible for the two additional days of attendance. Medicaid approves the number of days based on a doctor’s recommendation.LTCIWhat It CoversHomecare Only and Comprehensive policies pay benefits in an adult day health care facility, but the amount of coverage depends on the individual policy. For information on how to determine what kind of LTCI policy suits your needs, visit our Financing Long Term Care Expert Column.Veterans BenefitsWhat It CoversVeterans Benefits cover adult day health care services.* Conditions and Limitations Veteran must meet eligibility criteria for VA benefits, and* Demonstrate need for this type of care

5 Biggest Problems Individuals Face With Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be a devastating disease to deal with because it affects every aspect of a person’s life. The repercussions of sex addiction disrupt the addict’s social, emotional, physical, legal and financial life.1. How Sex Addiction Affects an Individual Socially
Sex addiction isolates the addict from everyone around him since the addiction becomes the primary focus of life, creating a great many social problems as a result. Naturally, if the person was in a social relationship, that relationship will be in turmoil. Feelings of isolation, abandonment, inadequacy, guilt, embarrassment and anger all will be present at one point or another throughout the addiction and recovery process. Other relationships will suffer as well, including those with family, friends and co-workers. The addict will have isolated himself from everyone, the focus on the sexually compulsive and obsessive behaviors escalates and the individual isolates and goes deeper in the relationship with the behaviors. Changing that pattern of habits takes time and it will also take a great deal of effort and time to help restore those neglected and sometimes broken relationships. Nonetheless, a social life is very important for any healthy human being and the addict will need a strong social support system to help in his recovery.2. How Sex Addiction Affects an Individual EmotionallySex addicts have a wide range of troubling emotions. Anxiety, anger, frustration, stress, shame, guilt and fear of discovery are all common emotions for addicts to experience throughout the entire process, from addiction to recovery.In order to have successful recovery, the addict will need to be able to address their emotional problems effectively. Shame and guilt are among the most prevalent emotions with sex addicts because they are struggling with an addiction which contradicts their moral and spiritual beliefs. As much as they want to be “normal” their true beliefs say otherwise, this causes such strong shame and guilt and keeps the addict in the spiral of addiction.In addition, boredom, fatigue and despair can envelop in the addict enduring a prolonged struggle with their addiction. In extreme cases, these emotional struggles can lead to suicide.3. How Sex Addiction Affects an Individual PhysicallyThe addict engaging in risky sexual behavior can expose himself to any number of physical problems related to sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Genital injury, cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS, herpes, genital warts and other STDs are common among sex addicts. In some cases, the addict’s desires may even put them in harm’s way, resulting in physical injury or even death. Many of these individuals spend so much time in their unwanted sexual behaviors, they lose sleep, don’t exercise or eat properly. This in itself, takes a great toll on the body.When an addict puts themselves in risky sexual situations, their ability to put the brakes on disappears. They become so intent on getting their fix they’ll go places they never thought they’d go, sleep with people then never dreamed they would and take risks that carry with them extreme danger. Often times the lust for the sex escalates to a point where the rush and high of the experience become so intense and then after the danger, the addict crashes hard and at times has been physically abused or hurt.4. How Sex Addiction Affects an Individual LegallyThis addiction can result in people breaking the law. Addicts often engage in sexual harassment, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism, voyeurism, prostitution, rape, incest and child molestation.. It has become more and more prevalent with the onset of chat rooms, instant messaging and social media for sex addicts to prey on members of the opposite sex, same sex and often times underage children. As the disease progresses, some addicts break the law and have a need to engage in illegal activities. As the need to act out sexually escalates, addicts commit crimes they wouldn’t ordinarily consider. The results can have serious legal consequences.5. How Sex Addiction Affects an Individual FinanciallyPeople who struggle with sex addiction often put their lives on hold. They’ll show up late to work, call out sick from work, neglect responsibilities, miss deadlines and act irrationally while on the job. They become so exhausted from living the life of sexually acting out, they have trouble focusing on anything else and often times go through life in a zombie like state.This behavior can often lead to job loss. To make matters worse, many addicts will spend a great deal of money on pornography, adult phone services, prostitutes and other costly sexual activities. The combination of job loss and excessive spending to fuel a sex addiction can lead to serious financial problems. Not only can the financial loss be measured I dollars spent on the addiction, one must take into consideration the hours spent acting out sexually and for many, the opportunity cost of what could have been accomplished while they were acting out.As you can see, someone suffering from this compulsion will have a great many problems to overcome aside from just the addiction itself. The number and scale of the problems facing an addict can be overwhelming and the need for a strong support system is essential during and after the recovery process.