Oral Sex – A Threat Beyond Pleasure

Involved in oral sex with so many partners? It is time to think twice before you indulge in this pleasurable act with your partner next time? Why? It is Oropharyngael cancer – cancer of the head and throat. For most men who indulge in oral sex act with more than five partners in their lifetimes coupled with smoking can develop this deadly disease.This rare type of cancer can occur to a man when exposed to human papilloma virus, known as HPV, as per the reports published in the news daily Annals of Oncology. Surprisingly, Head and neck cancer is likely to surpass the rate of cervical cancer found in women by 2020. Out of 17000 cases of carcinoma cases related to oropharyngeal cancer, 12000 cases belong to HPV. This is at an alarming rate, hence, a matter of apprehension.What Causes the Head And Throat Cancer? In addition to this, there are 100 varied types of HPV amongst which only few can cause cancer. In this instance, HPV 16 and 18 is known to expose women to cervical cancer while HPV 16 is the known culprit that triggers oropharyngeal cancer in men. Providing this, women are not safe too, while coming to oral sex related HPV cancer. But, this is lower in case of women even if they have had several oral sex partners in their lives. At the same time, the risk is also lower for the non-smoking individuals while individuals having participated in oral sex with more than five partners but do not smoke are less likely to develop any form of oropharyngeal cancer.Increased Risk with Smoking and practice of oral Sex with several partnersWhen it comes to women and the prevalence of the disease, the chances are low with the women who did not smoke or did not involve in oral sexual act in their lifetimes based on the study. However, the risk seems to be rising for 1.5 percent of women who involved themselves in the act with more than two partners.Oral HPV infection is prevalent for 1.5 of men who had no or one oral sex partner and did not smoke, while prevalence of HPV infection is found to be higher for 4 percent of men with two or more oral sex partners. 7.4 percent of infection chances are likely for the men who did not smoke, but engaged with more than two partners in oral sex act. Additionally, 15% chances of infection prevalence can be seen in men with five or more sexual partners and who practiced smoking.Detection of Oropharyngeal CancerNo tests or diagnostic procedures have been developed yet. The research is on to develop a new methodology for the diagnosis so as to bring about a new treatment. However, a study published in the journal of “Adult Urology” suggests that healthy men may be at the threshold of risk, so test procedures should be done on their physical conditions.So, until any tests or treatment procedures are coming in, it is advisable to opt for a sensible and safe sex act. So that, any sex transmitted diseases or HPV virus can be avoided.

What Is Addiction to Fantasy Sex?

Fantasy plays an important role in a healthy sex life. The brain is the real seat of sexual arousal as well as sexual satisfaction, and having an active sexual imagination is a good thing. However, in the brain of a sex addict, the fantasy part of the equation can take on a disproportionately large role and become detrimental not only to the person’s sex life, but possibly to their life in general.It can be difficult to pin down the scope of a sex addiction where fantasy sex is the primary behavior. A person’s fantasies can involve anything under the sun, and in some cases involve other forms of sex addiction. The core item to remember in these cases is that the fantasy, whatever it is, has become an obsession. The addict thinks about it when they are not having sex, and they make plans to fulfill the fantasy in some way. Then when they do engage in sex, it’s to live up to the fantasy, rather than enjoying the reality.Many sex fantasies can be met through role playing, so this is a common way for this form of addiction to manifest itself. An addict may start by asking his or her partner to play a certain role when they engage in sex. This could be anything, from simply responding to a different name to simulate them being a stranger, or something more elaborate involving outfits and staged scenarios. Such behavior can be fun, and key to a long sexual relationship. However, a sex addict may require, coerce, or even demand the partner fill the role even when they do not wish to do so.Since those patterns can vary a great deal, this form of sex addiction is not always easy to recognize. The addict may be the one filling the role, with the partner being less important, someone to be acted upon. It may not be a role that is the fantasy, but an act, location, or circumstance. Sexual preferences and so-called “turn-ons” are too numerous to count or describe.A hallmark of addictive behavior is when it is continued despite negative consequences. We said earlier the fantasy can become an obsession, and this is where it affects the sex addict directly. Constantly thinking about the fantasy can be a distraction, hampering a person’s professional or social life by diverting their attention from matters at hand. Their productivity at work may suffer or their social life can diminish if they find it difficult to maintain interest in everyday topics. They may bring aspects of their fantasy to work, causing problems, or it can enter social situations where it is not appropriate.Pornography can serve as an outlet for fantasies, letting the sex addict live vicariously through the performers. This is where the fantasy addiction can blend with a pornography addiction, and in more extreme cases lead to patronizing phone sex lines or prostitutes.For a sex addict in a relationship, the addiction can of course damage the relationship in a variety of ways. If the partner is routinely involved in carrying out fantasies they do not like or have perhaps merely become bored with, they will become disenfranchised with the relationship. They may also see their partner’s efforts to fulfill the fantasy in other ways as forms of infidelity.Forming a new relationship can also be difficult if the sex fantasy is the core motive. While there are multiple avenues for meeting consenting adults willing to engage in fantasy sex acts, these relationships are based on a very narrow aspect of a healthy relationship, and are not likely to succeed or make either party truly happy in the long term. It may even lead to the sex addict developing a distorted view of what a healthy relationship is.

A Look at Adult Cloth Diapers

Nearly 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with some form of incontinence, and so it is no wonder that many companies offer adult cloth diapers for relief. For most cases of the disorder, absorption options can be discrete and very effective. Adult cloth diapers are usually made from 100% cotton material that allows the skin to “breathe”, unlike traditional disposable adult incontinence diapers. You can usually find the cloth versions in both the traditional kind, which must be pinned, and others that are pull-on versions. In either case, when using adult cloth diapers, it will be necessary to also wear a plastic cover to avoid any leakage.As you can imagine, both cloth and disposable diapers have their benefits as well as disadvantages. One of the strongest arguments in favor of adult cloth diapers is that they are washable, and therefore reusable. If you have a serious incontinence problem, the ability to reuse the diaper may save you hundreds of dollars a year. Once you have purchased the adult cloth diapers and the plastic cover-up pants (to prevent leakage), you can simply wash, dry and reuse them. With disposable diapers, you do not have the option of washing or reusing.Another positive outcome of using adult cloth diapers, as opposed to using disposable diapers, is lessening the negative impact on the environment. Since we know that some 19 million people in the U.S. suffer from incontinence, the number of disposable adult diapers in our landfills is nearly inconceivable. Eco-friendly people often cite these statistics in their arguing the benefits of using non-disposable diapers.Every incontinence sufferer will have his or her opinion on which is best. Disposable diapers can be much more convenient and accessible. At the same time, they are more expensive in the long run. Adult cloth diapers can be reused and you are only spending money once to buy your supplies. On the other hand, some people do not believe that they are as convenient and prefer the disposable alternative.