Oral Sex – A Threat Beyond Pleasure

Involved in oral sex with so many partners? It is time to think twice before you indulge in this pleasurable act with your partner next time? Why? It is Oropharyngael cancer – cancer of the head and throat. For most men who indulge in oral sex act with more than five partners in their lifetimes coupled with smoking can develop this deadly disease.This rare type of cancer can occur to a man when exposed to human papilloma virus, known as HPV, as per the reports published in the news daily Annals of Oncology. Surprisingly, Head and neck cancer is likely to surpass the rate of cervical cancer found in women by 2020. Out of 17000 cases of carcinoma cases related to oropharyngeal cancer, 12000 cases belong to HPV. This is at an alarming rate, hence, a matter of apprehension.What Causes the Head And Throat Cancer? In addition to this, there are 100 varied types of HPV amongst which only few can cause cancer. In this instance, HPV 16 and 18 is known to expose women to cervical cancer while HPV 16 is the known culprit that triggers oropharyngeal cancer in men. Providing this, women are not safe too, while coming to oral sex related HPV cancer. But, this is lower in case of women even if they have had several oral sex partners in their lives. At the same time, the risk is also lower for the non-smoking individuals while individuals having participated in oral sex with more than five partners but do not smoke are less likely to develop any form of oropharyngeal cancer.Increased Risk with Smoking and practice of oral Sex with several partnersWhen it comes to women and the prevalence of the disease, the chances are low with the women who did not smoke or did not involve in oral sexual act in their lifetimes based on the study. However, the risk seems to be rising for 1.5 percent of women who involved themselves in the act with more than two partners.Oral HPV infection is prevalent for 1.5 of men who had no or one oral sex partner and did not smoke, while prevalence of HPV infection is found to be higher for 4 percent of men with two or more oral sex partners. 7.4 percent of infection chances are likely for the men who did not smoke, but engaged with more than two partners in oral sex act. Additionally, 15% chances of infection prevalence can be seen in men with five or more sexual partners and who practiced smoking.Detection of Oropharyngeal CancerNo tests or diagnostic procedures have been developed yet. The research is on to develop a new methodology for the diagnosis so as to bring about a new treatment. However, a study published in the journal of “Adult Urology” suggests that healthy men may be at the threshold of risk, so test procedures should be done on their physical conditions.So, until any tests or treatment procedures are coming in, it is advisable to opt for a sensible and safe sex act. So that, any sex transmitted diseases or HPV virus can be avoided.